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National Championships 2016/17 Warrnambool VIC

Nationals 2016-17.001

The 50th Anniversary of Arrows National Arrow and Arafura Championships Warrnambool VIC December 31 2016 to January 6 2017 Remember Saturday is New Years Eve and Sunday will be a lay day

Results Mackay YC Festival of Sail 2016

Congratulations to Tim Dau for taking out 1st place in a hotly contested series. Arrows outperform Nacra Results resultsmackayfestivalofsail2016

Sail Sandy OTB Regatta Victoria

Sail Sandy 2016 Sandringham Yacht Club 15-16 October 2016 The Regatta is open to all Multihull and Catamaran Off The Beach boats with a listed YV yardstick

Results SA State Titles 2016

Congratulations to Brett Pearsons winner of the South Australian Arrow State Championships 2016 Results SA State Titles 2016

Outcomes for the National Vote 2016

All three Motions moved at the 2015 AGM have been passed. Motion 1 to change the capitation fee from $2 to $5 effective 1 November 2015 Motion 2 to remove section 11 of the constitution relating to registration of builders of fibreglass boats Motion 3 to modify 16.1 of the Restrictions relating to measurement of […]

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