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Outcome for the National Vote 2019

The result of the national vote is that the motions are carried. Motion 1 – Increase age of Veteran to 60 yrs CARRIED NSW 8 For 0 Against Qld 10 For 0 Against SA 7 For 0 Against VIC 8 For 0 Against Motion 2 – remove requirement that trampoline be fixed to inner sheerline […]

Outcomes for the National Vote 2016

All three Motions moved at the 2015 AGM have been passed. Motion 1 to change the capitation fee from $2 to $5 effective 1 November 2015 Motion 2 to remove section 11 of the constitution relating to registration of builders of fibreglass boats Motion 3 to modify 16.1 of the Restrictions relating to measurement of […]