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Ian Smith needs help replacing a broken centre board

I broke my centreboard on Arrow Incognito (1645) on Sunday at Lake Cootharaba
Can anyone suggest where I can source a new or second hand one
Ian Smith
0406 648 544

One thought on “Ian Smith needs help replacing a broken centre board

  • Gary smith says:

    I am in the process of producing a centre board mould. All going well early 2022 I’ll have a range of centreboards ready. They will be carbon vac bag skins joined with my special strength methods. Looking at 3 weights/ strengths light medium and heavy.

    Hope to also push to get rudder blades moulds done as well. They will be a refined version of the asso rudders I’m using now. Looking to make them fit the alloy boxes most boats are using. Carbon boxes are 3rd on the list

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