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To All Arafura Sailors. A Challenge from SA

To East Coast AC Sailors
Following your lead we have formed a fleet of Arafuras.

“We have taken the boat up and down the east coast, during that time it’s had multiple test pilots. Everyone loves it including myself. Personally I don’t think we need to overthink it….I think we should just adopt these restrictions and move onwards and upwards.”
quote Adrian Fawcett. (8 February 2015)

“She loved it and the 1 day she had with breeze she handled it easily…A simple answer from me… My 13-year-old daughter wants a square top mainsail on her AC because it looks super cool. So that’s what she gets!”
quote Robbie Lea. (9 February 2015)

So East Coast AC sailors….
We are waiting for you to join us. Bring on the competition.
Come and Join us In Jan 2023 at Meningie for the National Championships?

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