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Rules /Specifications

Class Rules

Every sailing class has an organisational structure and rules to run its events and maintain regulations to ensure that all boats are the same in the key performance areas.

The class rules are set out in the AA&ACA Constitution – fr.Dec 19 , whilst the Restrictions specify the construction details for the boats. You can view these documents via the links provided.

The most important sections of the Constitution cover the system for staging the Australian Championships, and the procedure for making changes to the regulations.

In the Restrictions, areas covered include hull shape and weight, sail dimensions and limitations on the use of “exotic” materials.


Arrow Restrictions – fr. 27 June 19

Mast and Boom Dimensions for Square Top Rig
Mast boom drawings

The Boat

Length 4.30 m
Maximum Width 1.83 m
Mast Length 6.20 m
Minimum Weight (hulls and fixed fittings) 50 kg

Sail Area

Jib 2.60 m2
Mainsail 7.62 m2
Total 10.22 m2


– One person with trapeze – Ideal weight 70 – 80 kg

Arafura Cadet – AC Restrictions fr July 15

The Boat

Length 3.35 m
Maximum Width 1.54 m
Mast Length 5.23 m
Minimum Weight (hulls and fixed fittings) 36 kg

Sail Area

Jib 1.79 m2
Mainsail 5.99 m2
Total 7.78 m2


1 teenager/adult up to 70 kg– Trapeze is optional