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Past Champions


Year Skipper Boat Venue
2021/22 F O’Rourke (NSW) Turbo Eden, NSW
2020/21 Not Held Due to Pandemic
2019/20 A Fawcett (QLD) Snow White Townsville, QLD
2018/19 S Short (Vic) Slingshot Victor Harbour, SA
2017/18 A Fawcett (QLD) Snow White Saratoga, NSW
2016/17 S Short (Vic) Slingshot Warrnambool, VIC
2015/16 F O’Rourke (NSW) Dino Maroochydore, Qld
2014/15 B Pearson (SA) Sonic Christies Beach, SA
2013/14 S Short (Vic) Slingshot Mannering Park, NSW
2012/13 S Short (Vic) Slingshot Loch Sport, Vic
2011/12 F O’Rourke (NSW) Return Lake Cootharaba, Qld
2010/11 R Lea (Qld) Wild Child Belmont, NSW
2009/10 S Short (Vic) Slingshot Victor Harbor, SA
2008/09 R Lea (Qld) Wild Child Rosebud, Vic
2007/08 S Short (Vic) Slingshot Yeppoon, Qld
2006/07 S Short (Vic) Slingshot West Beach, SA
2005/06 S Short (Vic) Slingshot Toukley, NSW
2004/05 S Short (Vic) Slingshot Paynesville, Vic
2003/04 C Dean (SA) Angry Dragon Hervey Bay, Qld
2002/03 F O’Rourke (NSW) Zero Victor Harbor, SA
2001/02 F O’Rourke (NSW) Zero Long Jetty, NSW
2000/01 F O’Rourke (NSW) Zero Portland, Vic
1999/20 S Short (Vic) Slingshot Humpy Bong, Qld
1998/99 F O’Rourke (NSW) Zero West Beach, SA
1997/98 F O’Rourke (NSW) Zero Queens Lake, NSW
1996/97 D Skinner (Qld) Air Power Yarrawonga, Vic
1995/96 F O’Rourke (NSW) Zero Lake Cootharaba, Qld
1994/95 F O’Rourke (NSW) Zero Kingscote, SA
1993/94 F O’Rourke (NSW) Zero Rye, Vic
1992/93 F O’Rourke (NSW) Zero Yeppoon, Qld
1991/92 F O’Rourke (NSW) Zero Speers Point, NSW
1990/91 F O’Rourke (NSW) Zero Victor Harbor, SA
1989/90 F O’Rourke (NSW) Zero Lake Boga, Vic
1988/89 D Skinner (Qld) Air Power Darwin, NT
1987/88 F O’Rourke (NSW) Zero Beachmere, Qld
1986/87 F O’Rourke (NSW) Zero Christies Beach, SA
1985/86 F O’Rourke (NSW) Zero St Leonards, Vic
1984/85 M Towell (SA) Assassin Forster, NSW
1984 A Copley (NT) Vagabond III Darwin, NT
1982/83 F O’Rourke (NSW) Zero Hervey Bay, Qld
1981/82 M Glasson (SA) Vagabond III Victor Harbor, SA
1980/81 M Williamson (Vic) Williflipit St Leonards, Vic
1979/80 M Williamson (Vic) Williflipit Speers Point, NSW
1978 G Bunney (Qld) Brer Wabbitt Darwin, NT
1977/78 K Johnson (Vic) Mistress Lake Cootharaba, Qld
1976/77 J Govan (Vic) Miss Pepe Glenelg, SA
1975/76 H Young (Qld) Flower Power III Frankston, Vic
1974/75 H Young (Qld) Flower Power III Southport, Qld
1974 I Champion (Vic) Mystic Somerton, SA
1973 R Garnham (Vic) Rampage Carrum, Vic
1972 M Cody (NSW) Rumpus Lake Burley Griffin, ACT
1971 T Holmes (Qld) Sacrifice IV Somerton, SA
1970 P Myers (NSW) Silver Two Sorrento, Vic
1969 C Wilson (Vic) Ditto III Darwin, NT
1968 C Wilson (Vic) Ditto III Wangi Wangi, NSW

Arafura Cadet

Year Skipper Boat Venue
2015/16 C Coombs (SA) Nirvana Maroochydore, Qld
2014/15 P Quilliam (SA) Let It Rip Christies Beach, SA
2009/10 R Kewley (SA) Victor Harbor, SA
2007/08 W Richards (SA) Machine Yeppoon, Qld
2006/07 T Quilliam (SA) Let It Rip West Beach, SA
2005/06 C Hale (SA) Nirvana Toukley, NSW
2004/05 J Harris (SA) Demon Paynesville, Vic
2003/04 W Richards (Qld) Machine Hervey Bay, Qld
2002/03 B Kruger (SA) Let It Rip Victor Harbor, SA
2001/02 C McNaughton (Qld) Psychic Long Jetty, NSW
2000/01 H Beutel (Qld) Confusion Portland, Vic
1999/20 H Beutel (Qld) Confusion Humpy Bong, Qld
1998/99 B Hardie (Vic) Broken Arrow Henley Beach, SA
1997/98 M Beutel (Qld) Purrfection Queens Lake, NSW
1996/97 T Aitken (Vic) Let It Rip Yarrawonga, Vic
1995/96 C Rumberow (SA) Demon Lake Cootharabra, Qld
1994/95 C Rumberow (SA) Demon Kingscote, SA
1993/94 C Rumberow (SA) Demon Rye, Vic
1992/93 A Smyth (Vic) Prowler Yeppoon, Qld
1991/92 S Waldeck (SA) Mako Speers Point, NSW
1990/91 P Williams (SA) No Wurrys Victor Harbor, SA
1989/90 A Senyk (SA) Night Sight Lake Boga, Vic
1988 D Gould (NT) Rebel Darwin, NT
1987/88 S Short (Vic) Eagle Beachmere, Qld
1986/87 S Short (Vic) Eagle Christies Beach, SA
1985/86 R Cox (Qld) Stingray St Leonards, Vic
1984/85 G Davis (NT) Hot Cash Forster, NSW
1984 F Wilkens (NT) Zip Zap Darwin, NT
1982/83 T Waugh (Qld) Tardis Hervey Bay, Qld
1980/81 S Ridge (Vic) Capricorn St Leonards, Vic
1979/80 D Wood (Vic) Kittensize Speers Point, NSW
1978 J Bateman (NT) Mala Darwin, NT
1977/78 R Cox (Qld) MaWair Lake Cootharabra, Qld
1976/77 J Davies (Vic) Wildcat 2 Glenelg, SA
1975/76 G Ince (Vic) Hamster Frankston, VIC
1974/75 G Ince (Vic) Hamster Southport, QLD