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2 thoughts on “Events/News

  • John Davies says:

    The Arafura a great boat. Sailed for 4 years in the 1970’s.
    For a bit history record sake.

    Under Past Champions:

    Needs to be corrected
    1976/77 John Davies (Williamstown S.C, Vic) Wildcat Too (# 1028)

    For addition:
    1975/76 Graham Ince (Beaumaris S.C, Vic) Hamster (# 761) Frankston Vic
    1974/75 Graham Ince (Beaumaris S.C, Vic) Hamster (# 761) Southport Qld
    1973/74 ? Grange SA
    1972/73 ? (Frankston SC, Vic) Crockett

    My first season in the AC was 1973/74. I did compete at Grange but it just can’t remember who won that year.
    Cannot remember who sailed Crockett in 1972/73. Only remember that she was the previous years Champion.
    Might be able to get a bit more info looking through old photos etc..
    Do you want Vic State Champions as well?
    Tell you what though, the kid’s have it easy now on the AC with using trapeze. None of this busting a gut swinging from the old straps in a blow.



  • LESLEY Davies says:

    Hello I am the commodore of the Ballaarat Yacht club & I have recently discovered my old Arafura Cadet in near perfect condition stored in the rafters of our local Scout shed ( 2 doors down from the Yacht Club!) it was built in the late 60’s by a local joiner Bill Matthews who was a past commodore. I sailed this boat approx 45 years ago! It was called Jaala, with sail # 7. Most of my friends had Arafura’s back then, in fact there was quite s fleet of them at Ballaarat. The well known Yacht designer Malcolm Runnalls now in Fremantle has also discovered his boat Guppy in Ballarat. I could certainly chase up some history of the fleet in Ballarat & I also have some newspaper cuttings from back then. I am missing a few parts of the boat, namely a Jib, & the hull hatches.
    I thought you might be interested in this bit of history?
    Cheers Lesley Davies
    Commodore Ballaarat Yacht club
    Lake Wendouree