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If you have a boat and want to sell it or you want to buy a boat. Use the comments box(bottom of this page)to add your requirement or send me an email with photos attached and I will add them to this page

Nth Queensland
2 Arrows required.
Contact Tim Dau email

1 Arrow and 1 Arafura required
Contact geoff Carter email karoge

25 thoughts on “Buy/Sell

  • Ian Wayth says:

    ARROW 1476 Green Day

    Boat is ready to race and is in good condition.
    Switch Sails 2 years old, ply hulls with glass over.
    Hulls just repainted, beach trolley, no trailer.
    located in Boreen Point Qld
    Contact Ian Wayth

  • Krystal Weir says:

    Arrow Catamaran
    Race condition
    Ply wood hulls, x2 masts, square top main sail (brand new condition)
    Hulls have been recently sprayed.
    Brand new tramp. Multiple sails and spares plus on a registered trailer.
    Absolute Bargain at $3250 needing to sell quickly.
    Boat is down at Dromana in Victoria

  • Arie van Spronssen says:

    This is a complete package including a NSW registered trailer and beach
    dolly. The sails have a lot of life left as may have been used the
    equivalent to seasons as I only sail even 2nd weekend at the most and
    are still performing well (well better than I can make them go). The
    mast is a GTS 125 section (which Kevin Kay use to use) and is very
    similar to the new mast.

    All ropes and fitting are in good order so nothing needed to spend
    there. The tramp is still in good conditions as always stored covered.

    I have been over the hulls and apart from the decks which as can be seen
    from the photos are fine and all the ply has been applied cross grain
    for extra strength/stiffness. The desks could take another season but
    will need replacement(I’d be happy to help with replacing the ply on the

    For photos follow this link.

  • Ian Champion says:

    My daughter has Matt Rustons Arrow with a pin head main and is up for sale. Has anybody got an old flat top main that she can have or purchase cheaply. I will update mast etc, this will enable another arrow to be sailing in Victoria.
    Ian Champion

  • Morris Dickins says:

    Uncompleted project.
    Arrow 1277.
    I started a re-build but have never finished.
    Time for some else to finish the job.
    Most part are there including beams, tramp, centre plate, rudders, including 3 spare blades, fittings, sails, mast, boom and trailer.
    Phone Morris on 0407723242 for more information.

  • Chris Ruston says:

    Naming rights. Just completed 9mths rebuild, new gabon ply on original red cedar frames. (West system epoxy) Very stiff. Rerigged, PT mast, new Dacron sails plus older Mylar set. #1681 Boyer rudders Botrel centerboard. Beach wheels. Excellent road trailer Qld registered. Low mtce. Ready to race nothing to spend. $4950 Photos on Gumtree

  • Andrew McKay says:

    Hi Luke,

    My name is Andrew McKay and I have an old Arrow Cat in Bundaberg that I am potentially looking to sell, it belonged to my grandfather and although it’s quite old (he thinks built in Hervey Bay in the 80’s), is still sailable, obviously needs some running repairs given it’s age but mast, sails and running gear are in reasonable condition given it’s always been garaged.

    We won’t be asking much for it ($500-1000 probably, including trailer) but the family just want it go to a good home really. If you let me know if it might be something of interest to you then let me know and I’ll send some photos etc.

    Hope your Chrissy was a good one anyway!



    • Luke bowman says:

      Hey guys I just got an arafura cadet I’m doing up does anyone have spare rudder boxes, decent mast and a decent square top main preferably somewhere near Yeppoon for cheap

    • Dean says:

      Hi Andrew,
      Is the boat still available?

      • Andrew Mckay says:

        Hi Dean,

        Yes still available, I’ve just taken some photos this morning but they’re larger than 2MB so I’m unable to upload them. If you want to message me on 0403284452 I can send you the pics.

  • Royce Powe says:

    I have a Arafura Cadet for sale, sail number 1154 build 2016 .

    It comes with 2 Square Top sails all in good condition .

    The boat comes with a trailer in good order.

    Still sailed with the Keppel Bay Sailing Club.

    Ring, 0487833570 or E mail

  • Janet says:

    I have an Arrow Cat for sale. It is wooden hulls with gold anodized rigging (mast boom and tracking). This boat is watertight in excellent condition as it was sanded and re varnished with Watson feast marine varnish prior to shedding. It has always been undercover in boathouse or garage.

  • Rod Bathgate says:

    Hi All,
    I am after 2 arrow hulls to replace the old rotting mismatched pair that now need major repairs.
    They can be in need of minor repairs or desperately need painting.
    Even 1 hull would allow me to return to the water as there is no racing left in me now !
    I don’t need any of the fitting as all the other non wood bits are in really good condition.
    I am in Newcastle, but don’t want to travel beyond the eastern states.
    SMS 0414429343 or email

  • Philip Cox says:

    I have 2 arrows i am renovating for Broome Sailing Club, I require 2 reasonable condition jibs and one good condition mainsail but am prepared to buy 2 mains if price is reasonable.
    PLEASE PHONE 0409 036443 Phil Cox

  • Damian Carvolth says:

    Online is usually cheapest.

    Brisbane catamaran center are now in oxley, or whitworths. Depends on what you need ?

  • Damian Carvolth says:


    I would be interested in second hand arafura main sail or complete rig. I’m in brisbane and I know posting battens (and masts!) is an issue, I would be up for a bare sail. Just needs to be useable.

    This is a temporary number that should work for about 6 weeks after I post this. After that I’ll pop up a new one. SMS is better than calling. I can reply with my normal number and email. 0455298815

    • Damian Carvolth says:

      I also put a post up on the AC facebook page, you can get in touch via FB if that suits.

      Any mainsail will do about that size. Foot 2.090 Luff 5.190. I’ve got some old 14’sails available for swap if that is of interest. 1 hobie, 2 maricat.

  • Col Baillie says:

    Wanted Arrow in Brisbane region.

  • Rob lott says:

    Have ac cadet good sails boat needs work timber mast. Pick up romsey vic. 0421079035 free.

  • admin says:

    Warwick Graham in SA has plans for 12ft Arafura and 14ft Arrow
    See contacts page for details

  • Chris Everett says:

    Bits and pieces of old arrow – wooden hulls (sound – been garaged), all required beams, sails, spars.
    Available for free pick up.
    Bairnsdale, Vic.

  • Ian Bell says:

    G’day all
    I’m interested in either building a new Arrow catamaran or purchasing a sound second hand boat I live in Canberra but I’m able to travel and collect from NSW up to central coast, Vic or SA as far west as Adelaide ,
    York and Eyre peninsulas are just a bit to far Cheers Ian

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