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If you have a boat and want to sell it or you want to buy a boat. Use the comments box(bottom of this page)to add your requirement or send me an email with photos attached and I will add them to this page.

Geoff Carter email:

1 Arrow and 1 Arafura required
Contact geoff Carter email

38 thoughts on “Buy/Sell

  • Jim Buchan says:

    Hi Geoff

    I’m living at Bathurst NSW and have a wooden Arrow cat to give away complete with main and jib sails and an unregistered trailer.
    the Arrow I think is in reasonable condition as is the rigging, the sails and a trapeze.The only thing damaged is the the first 18 inches of the decking on the right hull (looks like some little animal has licked the top veneer off) Should be able to be repaired with a new bit of ply or polyurethane coating.

    The whole lot is free to whoever can pick it up. Unfortunately I’m not well enough to sail anymore but I’m sure there is one of your followers that can have as much fun as I have had with it.

  • Blake says:

    Redback 1729 $3000
    Composite foam hull construction
    Carbon center board
    Carbon rudders
    Carbon tiller extension
    Alloy rudder boxes and cross bar.
    Paper tiger single spreader mast
    Dyneema rigging and trapeze lines
    Dyneema main halyard and jib halyard
    1x Dacron main near new
    1x Dacron jib
    1× Mylar main ok condition
    1x Mylar jib ok condition.
    1x Beach trolley

    Can be sold with road trailer


  • Ella Sagnol says:

    Arrow 1663 For Sale

    Comes with 2 jibs, one square top main. Sails in great condition. Newer mast section. Custom built rudders which steer like a dream. Registered road trailer in good condition and beach wheels. Boat is ply construction, still nice and stiff and water tight. Ready to race, competitive boat

    $3500. Located Yeppoon. Can consider assisting with relocation depending on distance.

    • Ben Hopkins says:

      Hi Ella,

      A mate of mine has just got an Arrow and has been on the lookout for another one for me so we can both get back into sailing at Lake Cootharaba down near Noosa.
      Are you able to send more photos to my email or text 0414631885.

      Cheers Ben

    • Caleb says:

      Hi Ella,
      Can you please text me your number to have a chat about your boat.

    • Caleb says:


    • Ben Hopkins says:

      Hi Ella

      A mate of mine has just bought an Arrow and has spotted this one for me to look at so we can both get back into sailing down at Lake Cootharaba. I’m quite interested in this boat. Can you please send more photos to or 0414631885.

      Sorry if you get two messages not sure if my first reply went through.

      Cheers Ben

    • Kim Taylor says:

      Hi Ella
      Is your Arrow still available?
      Kim 0411352454

  • Stuart James says:

    Hi All, I am looking for a second hand square top for my older arrow and I’m located in Adelaide. Maybe someone coming to the nationals in December has one for sale. If so can you please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

  • gary smtih says:

    for sale at end of nationals in SA 2023
    save me transporting home and planning to build more boats, wish to sell the package.
    RUMum 1762 $6500.
    carbon ply hulls carbon foils and rudder boxes
    double skin tramp with internal control lines
    approx 51kg but with internal control lines and light rudders sailing weight is low.
    all gear no spares

    New Boat $9000.
    I am building a mould, then will build carbon foam sandwich hulls with infusion resin. expected weight 45kg. at the moment it will have 2 pack clear paint so i can confirm wet out is perfect. carbon foils rudder boxes and anything else the rules allow. double skin tramp with all control ropes internal.

    double stack trailer $2000. QLD rego

  • Bill Irons says:

    I live in cairns and am interested in buying an arrow catamaran if anyone in area has one for sale catamaran Bill 0408787520

  • David Grimshaw says:

    Arrow for sale. Fibre glass hulls. Hulls constructed by Mr Bunny. Thin mast used for current pin head sail. 3 jibs in good condition. Fat mast in unknown condition – some corrosion. Age over 25 years old. Fibre glass rudders possibly Boyers. Paint in serviceable condition but need repaint to make nice. Measured in Queensland. Trailer needs repaint, new spare rim. Trailer otherwise in roadworthy condition with two near new steel-belt tyres.Has two large equipment boxes lengthways mounted. Beach rollers need modification to mount Arrow.
    spare tyre needs lip straightening and new tyre on wheel. Thin mast means 125 section. Pin head sail in very good condition if you want the one minute head start – ha ha.
    Selling $1,800.00 firm.
    Located Rockhampton, Queensland. Contact

  • Aztec says:

    Arrow Catamaran 1636 Psycho.

    •In excellent condition
    •Hulls re-sprayed couple of years ago.
    •2 sets of sails.
    •Near new Hooper Sqtop main sail.
    •Tramp matting in excellent condition.
    •All rigging and ropes excellent condition.
    •Beach dolly.
    No trailer
    Located at Colac Yacht Club VIC
    Heath McDougall

  • Gerard Bass says:

    Arrow Catamaran 14ft for sale
    Located in Birkdale Brisbane

    Comes on trailer with spare tyre (trailer needs rego)

    2 sets of as sails
    1 as new set of sails (purchased 2018 rarely used)
    1 older set functional but needs minor repairs

    Comes with everything in very good condition as always garaged out of the weather.

    Dolly and sail bag included

    Ready to race or family fun

    Has been a very competitive boat


    Any queries feel free to text 0417419634

  • Arie van Spronssen says:

    This is a complete package including a NSW registered trailer and beach
    dolly. The sails have a lot of life left as may have been used the
    equivalent to seasons as I only sail even 2nd weekend at the most and
    are still performing well (well better than I can make them go). The
    mast is a GTS 125 section (which Kevin Kay use to use) and is very
    similar to the new mast.

    All ropes and fitting are in good order so nothing needed to spend
    there. The tramp is still in good conditions as always stored covered.

    I have been over the hulls and apart from the decks which as can be seen
    from the photos are fine and all the ply has been applied cross grain
    for extra strength/stiffness. The desks could take another season but
    will need replacement(I’d be happy to help with replacing the ply on the

    For photos follow this link.

    • Arie says:

      Hi all, yes my Arrow is still for sail.

      I forgot to add the rudders are some light weight dingy rudders (spiral I think) still in great condition. The Centre board is timber which I made from a old 16 foot skiff centre board (just had to resize it so it would measure) and feels great when sailing and never had any hum or cavitation from it.

      I did take it out for a sail in January and it all still goes well just not my thing as I enjoy my Impulse dingy more..


    • Arie says:

      My Arrow still needs a new home as bring unloved due to other interest.

    • Arie says:

      Just a note that my arrow is still available and am open to offers.

      Arie 0419 973 343

  • Morris Dickins says:

    Uncompleted project.
    Arrow 1277.
    I started a re-build but have never finished.
    Time for some else to finish the job.
    Most part are there including beams, tramp, centre plate, rudders, including 3 spare blades, fittings, sails, mast, boom and trailer.
    Phone Morris on 0407723242 for more information.

  • Janet says:

    I have an Arrow Cat for sale. It is wooden hulls with gold anodized rigging (mast boom and tracking). This boat is watertight in excellent condition as it was sanded and re varnished with Watson feast marine varnish prior to shedding. It has always been undercover in boathouse or garage.

  • Rod Bathgate says:

    Hi All,
    I am after 2 arrow hulls to replace the old rotting mismatched pair that now need major repairs.
    They can be in need of minor repairs or desperately need painting.
    Even 1 hull would allow me to return to the water as there is no racing left in me now !
    I don’t need any of the fitting as all the other non wood bits are in really good condition.
    I am in Newcastle, but don’t want to travel beyond the eastern states.
    SMS 0414429343 or email

  • Damian Carvolth says:

    Online is usually cheapest.

    Brisbane catamaran center are now in oxley, or whitworths. Depends on what you need ?

  • Damian Carvolth says:


    I would be interested in second hand arafura main sail or complete rig. I’m in brisbane and I know posting battens (and masts!) is an issue, I would be up for a bare sail. Just needs to be useable.

    This is a temporary number that should work for about 6 weeks after I post this. After that I’ll pop up a new one. SMS is better than calling. I can reply with my normal number and email. 0455298815

    • Damian Carvolth says:

      I also put a post up on the AC facebook page, you can get in touch via FB if that suits.

      Any mainsail will do about that size. Foot 2.090 Luff 5.190. I’ve got some old 14’sails available for swap if that is of interest. 1 hobie, 2 maricat.

  • Col Baillie says:

    Wanted Arrow in Brisbane region.

  • Rob lott says:

    Have ac cadet good sails boat needs work timber mast. Pick up romsey vic. 0421079035 free.

  • admin says:

    Warwick Graham in SA has plans for 12ft Arafura and 14ft Arrow
    See contacts page for details

  • Chris Everett says:

    Bits and pieces of old arrow – wooden hulls (sound – been garaged), all required beams, sails, spars.
    Available for free pick up.
    Bairnsdale, Vic.

  • Ian Bell says:

    G’day all
    I’m interested in either building a new Arrow catamaran or purchasing a sound second hand boat I live in Canberra but I’m able to travel and collect from NSW up to central coast, Vic or SA as far west as Adelaide ,
    York and Eyre peninsulas are just a bit to far Cheers Ian

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