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Results Bundaberg Open Regatta 2022 Very Controversial

In a very controversial result Weta boats took first 5 positions in the division.

The Wetas have recently been granted mono yardsticks of 95 sqtop and 98 Pinhd.
Their cat yardsticks remain in the catamaran table 87 sqtop and 90 Pinhd.

However the results at this regatta were calculated using mono yardsticks.

Other cat sailors requested that the Wetas sail in a mono division or use their cat yardstick.

The Race Management refused their request.

I think we need to take a case to Sailing Australia to have Wetas reclassified as monos and not included in Cat Divisions.

The Race Management erred in it’s decision.

According to the Sailing Australia Yardstick tables. Where their is dispute over the classification of craft, the lower yardstick must be used.

Arrow sailors need to be aware of this for future Regattas where they may be placed in a Division with Wetas

Bunaberg Regatta 2022

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